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Legal advice – refugee law

In which areas do we offer legal advice?
Currently we only offer legal advice in the area of civil law and refugee law. Its possible that under certain circumstances a case cannot be handled by us. Thus, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of your request.

Who is allowed to contact us?
Our offer is directed at people who are not able to afford a lawyer, i.e.:• People in need (please bring the appropriate proof)• Students (please bring a valid student card)• Refugees (please bring the appropriate proof)
Please reassure yourself that you are not insured for legal expenses before you contact us.

What’s the process?
First of all you need to explain your current situation and legal problems to us. Please send us all relevant details via the contact form. After that we will check whether we are able to help you with your legal problem. We’ll respond as soon as possible. Hereafter we will make an appointment to discuss your problem more thoroughly. Please bring all the relevant documents to this appointment.

Does our legal advice cost anything?
We provide free legal advice.

Is my data treated confidentially?
Yes, our counsellors sign a nondisclosure agreement.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!